Take a closer look at our technologies

Many innovative technologies make our machines powerfully efficient tools for any and all print jobs.


  • 2,000 nozzles for each printing head (1,000 for each color). This means always being able to count on the maximum ink jet stream and the utmost efficiency and resolution available today - up to 2880 dpi.
  • High flowrate ink recirculation system This means you no longer need to clean the heads every day, eliminating ink residue and waste.
  • VDS - 9 Levels of ink drop size. Thanks to this exclusive technology, you can have power and precision, maximum flexibility and speed, all at the same time, in the continuous production of different print jobs; and without changing set-up and configuration.
  • SDT Simultaneous Drying Technology. Printing and drying of the glass sheet occur simultaneously. Production times and costs are thus reduced, even for special print effects like Dot-on-Dot or Double Vision.
  • Up to 12 color channels installed (6 dedicated to the base colors - cyan, red, yellow, green, black, white – and 6 dedicated to special colors). This means you can set a single color configuration for all print jobs, from patterns in mono- or multi-color, to dots and lines, and even photographic images. Always at the fastest speed.
    This means:
     - No production stops to change color configuration;
     - No added cost for solvents and cleaning;
     - No added ink costs caused by cleaning and recharge operations.

  • Absolute compatibility with all types of glass coatings


This is why choosing Tecglass means always being a step ahead.


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