May 2019

A new urban experience with Tvitec and Tecglass at 2000 Ross Ave in Dallas (USA).

One more example of how glass is an essential element in redesigning the skylines of the most modern cities, seamlessly balancing the sleekest, most modern designs with the presence of impeccably restored historic monuments. Glass is the lead player in the transformative revamp of the Trammell Crow Center, which envisioned a modern makeover of the landmark Trammell Crow Tower in Dallas. The architectural project included the construction of a second tower that will house parking, office and residential spaces. Perfectly attuned to the renovation of the adjacent tower, this second building made use of Tecglass technology for digital printing of the glazing that covers the surface of the building’s facade. Tvitec, European leader in the production of architectural glass, employed digital printing to enhance the glazing on the facade of this second building with a linear, minimalist design.

Tecglass technology – increasingly in demand for all kinds of printing needs, from the simplest patterns to the most sophisticated images – can reproduce any graphic design at the fastest speeds possible, in real time, in varied sizes, achieving all types of color with an infinite range of hues and special effects.

In the glass printing process for the second tower of the Trammell Crow Center, Tvitec used the Jetver Base range of inks. A special line of ceramic inks developed by Tecglass for the world of architecture, it offers excellent performance in terms of chemical resistance to the effects of weather and superior durability over time.