Line components and auxiliary machinery

The widest range of turnkey solutions for your printing needs


Transfer conveyor tables for receiving/sending the glass from or to the previous/next machine.

Transport speed synchronized with previous and next machines

Rigid machine frame structure to avoid any vibration during the transfer and printing of heavy glass sheets.

Structure with lifting function, which elevates 3 mm from the rollers level to allow the easy loading/unloading of the glass manually


Technical spec:

  • Table size adaptable to the costumer requirements
  • Rollers driven by a 3phase motor controlled with a frequency inverter
  • Control sensors located at the end of the table to control the automatic feeding of the next machine
  • Optional hydraulic tilting function with two hydraulic cylinders
  • Glass thickness: from 2mm to 19mm


Designed for washing and drying glass sheets before printing, at the maximum quality levels required for the glass industry


Technical spec:

  • All parts in contact with water are constructed of stainless steel
  • Constructed from precision steel rollers coated with a special plastic layer to prevent wear and damages on the glass
  • Frequency controller to adjust the transport directly from the control panel or through an automatic signal to an eventual following machine.
  • The machine is equipped with specially designed brushes system adaptable to
  • low-e coated glass
  • Specific design to keep the working water always clean
  • Drying section just after the washing, to leave the glass ready to directly print it


Complete clean room construction to ensure the correct environmental conditions to obtain the highest quality prints.

Design is adaptable to the needs of our clients


Technical spec:

  • Special isulating panel
  • Controlled filtered overpressure
  • Temperature and humidity control
  • Humidity control
  • Slots for entering and exiting glass on the conveyor with automatic opening and close


IR Dryers combined with hot air, designed for a better and faster ink curing, leaving the printed glass ready for the firing process.


Technical spec:

  • High hot air volume
  • Hot air temperature: 120ºC
  • Infrared MW 40%
  • Drying capacities of up to 10.000mm/min
  • Different configurations availables also with cooling module


Roller Coater designed for perfect enamel application on glass, integrable into a complete digital printing line

This equipment enables easy regulation of the operating speeds as well as automatic synchronization for rolls cleaning


Technical spec:

  • 3 independent speeds
  • Separate motorization of the dosing, spreading and conveyor rolls.
  • Machine conveyance by rubberized rolls.

Vitro Scan

The ideal tool to fully automate the process of positioning the glass on the printing table without the need of any mechanical element.

The machine automatically scans the position, dimension and rotation of the glass, and send the information to the printer

Thanks to this information, the printer can print the glass very precisely to the exact edge.

Any irregular shape can be printed automatically without human intervention.

Scale and adjust the print size to the actual size of the glass, absorbing any variations that have occurred in the manufacture of the glass.

Reduces the positioning time from 5 to 10 seconds, depending on the size of the glass.