The best machines deserve the best inks.

Supply and development of various ceramic inks have always been one of the main research and development activities of Tecglass. This has led the company to have a comprehensive range of ceramic inks that are compatible with every modern technology. High resistance to climatic stressors and humidity, excellent duration of chromatic effects over time, superior resistance to abrasion in high traffic areas and ideal adaptability to the most advanced glass coatings are just some of the features of Tecglass inks, demonstrated by exceptional results in all the tests.

You can choose the exact shade of color you want. The whole range of RAL, Pantone, NCS and many other already-formulated colors are always available, as well as unique colors that no one else can guarantee: like gold, platinum, magenta, subtle shadings and all kinds of luminous effects. Every day the Tecglass labs develop new special colors, upon request, for the most sophisticated and imaginative projects. And, as always with Tecglass, the results are sure to meet or exceed your expectations.

Glass is a unique material, one that is constantly evolving. Technological innovation has led to an infinite range of special types of glass with exceptional performance characteristics. Tecglass inks are custom-designed and developed exclusively for use on glass, based on the needs of our clients. No matter what kind of glass you have and whatever your application, we always have the right ink for you.

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