Arcon Dur Purchase

ARCON-DUR SICHERHEITSGLASS GmbH & Co. KG of Germany is pleased to announce cooperation on digital printing technology to expand their product portfolio , by means of the acquisition of a complete digital printing line for jumbo glass size from the Spanish leader supplier of digital printing solutions TECGLASS S.L. 

ARCON DUR, with over 30 years of background experience, is one of the leading providers of high-quality glass, offering a broad array of top-quality products for different applications in the field of architectural glass, indoor, industrial and automotive among others.

As a member of the ARNOLD GLAS GROUP of companies - a successful business began in 1959 by company’s founder Mr. Alfred Arnold- ARCON DUR has made a strong commitment to digital printing technology, establishing an alliance with Tecglass as its trusted supplier, for the prompt installation of the new digital printing line in the group's factory located at Feuchtwangen (Germany).

Mr. Andreas Winter - Managing Director at Arcon Dur – and Mr. Franz Schaumberger -Managing director at Arnold Glas Group - were pleased and enthusiastic about this new partnership with TECGLASS, which will allow the German company to further expand its product portfolio, now with the latest generation of digital printing applications.

“We are really satisfied with the formalized agreement with Tecglass, it’s areliable and experienced company in this field, and from the very first moment they have provided us the perfect solution we were looking for, to integrate this technology into our production process” – says Mr. Andreas Winter.

“We had no doubt that TECGLASS was our perfect partner for the integration of digital printing in the Arnold Group, they have a state-of-the-art technology in constant development. From the initial project development phase, they have been able to understand our needs and have had total flexibility to provide us with a complete solution under a single contractor, fully adapted to our requirements” – says Mr. Franz Schaumberger.