Benefits only a Tecglass machine can provide

High Flowrate Recirculation System. No need to Clean the heads.

Our exclusive system eliminates ink settling, with the extremely practical advantage that you never, ever have to clean the heads. It is no longer necessary to carry out this operation every day or at every pause. We went beyond the automatic low flowrate ink recirculation systems that do not eliminate settling and do not eliminate the need for cleaning the printing heads. Our high flowrate recirculation system is extremely reliable because it keeps the heads in optimum working condition, without the slightest need for cleaning. The automatic low flowrate ink recirculation systems need to be cleaned, even during the production process, depending on the most-used colors. Only a high flowrate system can ensure savings in both time and money, and also deliver impeccable results.


SDT Simultaneous Drying Technology. Achieve higher quality.

All of our machines come standard with the SDT simultaneous drying system. Print quality is vastly increased with SDT technology – printing and drying occur simultaneously. This is another exclusive system that you will only find on Tecglass machines.


1440 dpi resolution. Top performance, since the beginning.

Tecglass machines never stoop to compromise. Unbelievable definition -- a remarkable 1440 dpi -- was engineered into even the earliest models. Only Tecglass has consistently made such high definition fundamental from the outset.


VDS - 7 Levels of Variable drop size.

Power + precision = flexibility.
From the very beginning, Tecglass has employed this sophisticated technology instead of use other alternative systems with fewer levels. Once again Tecglass sets the benchmark. But, what are the advantages of 7 different drop sizes?

They ensure absolute processing flexibility. In other words, VDS allows for precision printing, ideal for very high resolutions, using very small drops (12 pl), but it is also more powerful and therefore faster for jobs requiring high opacity using large and precise drops (84 pl).

There are another five drop levels between the two extremes to perform a variety of jobs and that can be combined in a grey scale. Essentially, the system adapts brilliantly to the type of print job being done, combining precision and speed.

This eliminates the need for reconfiguring the print head or setting new colors to obtain the best results in the shortest possible time. Every job can be completed with the same configuration and at the utmost speed, with the highest resolutions, having all the colors available all the time, with the utmost quality and capacity. This means it is no longer necessary to change inks and colors, with lengthy cleaning operations. A considerable advantage in terms of optimization of production times and costs.


TCPT – Two- color printhead technology

Design versatility + Production flexibility + Industrial reliability = Maximum productivity

All Tecglass machines are equipped with the latest and most versatile two- color printhead technology. The printheads have 2000 nozzles and jet one color at 720 dpi native resolution or two colors at 360 dpi each. This solution, combined with Tecglass technology, guarantees and delivers top quality and efficiency on every print job.

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