Design and creativity in the glass industry. TIV/TAV and Tecglass - an increasingly compelling partnership.

Where there is a perfect union between technology and creative-artistic abilities, innovation in industrial processes occurs. This is the case in Treize Septiers, France, at the ultramodern industrial TAV production plant, built in 2017 by Le Groupe TIV. Specialized in flat glass processing, the French Group has set up a completely automated high-tech artistic lab, in order to offer unique glass products to design firms, designers and furnishings professionals.

Tecglass technology for digital printing on glass was chosen specifically for this project. With its superior automation, high print definition (even down to the smallest details), ease of use and maintenance, and the ability to use inks with special effects colors, all make Tecglass machines innovative tools that can lend a new, unique facet to glass products while taking maximum advantage of the transparency and technical features of this valuable material to which the most sophisticated processes and decorations can be applied.

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