May 2020

Design Virtual Tour. Ideas and inspiration for full-on creative projects.

Tecglass opens up a new way to dive deep into the most imaginative design projects, making it available to everyone involved in the world of glass. A full-spectrum one-of-a-kind viewing experience of the effects of patterns, images, graphic motifs and textures on glass in different home and workplace settings.

Available online on the Tecglass website, it is an authentic virtual tour that shows how any number of creative solutions can be seamlessly integrated into various settings. All you need to do is choose the space you want to decorate – from doors/room dividers to kitchens or even building facades – and the ideal style you envision for that project and begin viewing. An abundant range of possible patterns paves the way to composing the perfect decoration for your project.

Just one more way Tecglass, the hi-tech champion in digital printing on glass, continues to support its clients. And, in this case, the technology that has been developed puts one more tool in the hands of clients who can thus satisfy the requirements and curiosity of trade professionals and all those who are in need of a little inspiration or a real-time experience of how printed glass can make even their simplest projects unique.
All of the graphic files can be downloaded for use or processed and adapted to your print job.

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