Explore the F Type F C Series, for one-of-a-kind digital jobs.

Infinite design possibilities open up with the Tecglass F Type F C Series. The industry’s most innovative technologies and the expertise in glass decoration achieved by Tecglass (the Spanish company part of the Fenzi Group since 2016), were the inspiration behind this digital printer. Upgrading the performance capabilities of the Vitro Jet F Type inkjet printers, the F C Series ensures designs and decorations endowed with astonishing realism and durability, and print resolution up to 1440 dpi, unheard of in today’s market.

The entire structure was developed to simplify print operations, thanks to automatic positioning of the glass (extremely accurate with irregular sheets), to the two independent belt stations integrated into the printing table for a faster print cycle, and to the use of magnetic linear technology to drive all movement, preventing mechanical wear.

The F Type F C Series can have up to 12 color channels, 6 for the base colors and 6 for in-between shades or special effects colors; 48 print heads and 48,000 nozzles to achieve the most powerful ink jet stream with any color, without having to change print head configuration or stop production.

The F Type F C Series comes standard with VDS Technology with 7 levels of ink drop sizes for maximum speed and precision in every application, and the high flowrate ink recirculation system, which prevents ink residue buildup in the heads and the need for daily cleaning; optional add-ons include the Fast Frame tool. This innovative tool considerably increases the machine’s versatility and job through-put speed. The characteristic X and Y movement of the print head speeds up production of glass frames by following their perimeter. This exclusive, highly innovative tool, developed by the Tecglass labs in Lalín, Spain, is the ideal complement to the already high-performance qualities of the F C Series, suited to all types of print applications, from architecture to interior design, automotive to yachting.

Enhancing the basic technical features is an entire palette of high-performance ceramic inks that lend peak expression to print jobs through exceptionally brilliant high-coverage color, unique shades, functionality and special effects, like the range of metallic colors, gold and platinum, or inks that adapt to all types of glass coatings.