January 2021

Tecglass showroom online demonstrations

In a world defined by a growing need of digitalization and innovations, we wanted to step ahead and open a window to our products for our customers wherever they are –assuring their safety and complying with social distance. For this reason, we decided and developed a showroom which allow us to show our processes to customers and leads, and most importantly, help them fully experience the digital printing process. This includes the possibility to test working in a fully equipped printing line.


This initiative could not come in a most suitable time, as social distancing challenges and travel restrictions imposed by COVID-19 nowadays force companies and producers to keep the number of visitors to the minimum in their sales floor, and this is where Tecglass has taken a digital leap. We know that Internet has a wonderful ability to connect people that are not in the same physical space, and due this unfortunate global pandemic, we were determined to bring you our showroom experience to you, to your office, to your premises.


Our “SHOWROOM LIVE PRINTING EXPERIENCE” consists of an online experience streamed live from Tecglass factory. Our main aim with this initiative is to provide our customers with an interactive channel for watching digital printing demonstrations, connecting with our team in real time and asking questions or doubts about the digital printing processes. This space is equipped with high-definition video technology which shows all our machine capabilities on camera, such as printing samples for the automotive industry, architecture and decoration sectors. We prompt you visit our showroom in order to realise how Tecglass’ unique technology performs in a real scenario and discover how we are able to achieve the utmost quality results.


“Being a trusted partner to our customers” embodies our philosophy and it is present in every project we embark on. In this sense, the new Showroom is another interaction channel with clients in order to get to know us and foster our cooperation. We are proud of being labelled as a solid family business having a mentality that is always focused in providing fast and reliable solutions to our partners.


We are here to help you! Please contact with our Sales Team in order to arrange a customised session: