September 13, 2017

Tecglass achieves perfect symmetry in unique designs on glass

Tecglass machines make it possible to meet the most sophisticated demands of architects and designers through the reproduction of highly-customized graphic designs developed for innovative buildings.

One example of this is the high-performance decorative glass produced for the Bernal Project’s Analog Devices Building at the University of Limerick by Tvitec - the Spanish firm and European leader in architectural glass processing that for years has partnered with Tecglass.
This is a project where graphic research and technological developments literally took glass outside-the-box, for an extremely multi-faceted and versatile product perfectly suited to clad the buildings that embody scientific research.
Designed by RDK Architects, the complex project comprises several buildings and called for a Conference Theatre in the iconic shape of a cube, with a glass envelope depicting a scientific Penrose tile pattern. More than 1,700 square meters of architectural glass were used, 1,300 of them on the facade, all supplied by Tvitec, forming the perfect blend of aesthetic elegance and technical performance features that only this precious material can ensure.

The ideal tool for this type of glass processing is the Tiling Tool, available in the graphic functions packet that comes with Tecglass machines. This tool provides for easy, fast subdivision of the graphic project into the various units of glass being processed. It optimizes for precise print execution, ensuring the print results are perfectly symmetrical and of the highest degree of visual continuity. The ability to offer convenient tools for graphic processing and ultra-high-quality print results is what makes Tecglass a reliable partner in the most unique and demanding projects.