March 2020

Tecglass and Cugher Glass join forces in the Automotive Arena

Tecglass and Cugher recently finalized the agreements for the launch of a new technical-sales partnership in the world of flat glass, aimed at providing the automotive industry with complete, highly automated, precise lines for mass production. Through this innovative partnership, the two companies can provide customized, extremely versatile solutions for all types of production.


Already a successful player in the automotive field with an array of custom-engineered products, Tecglass neatly complements Cugher, a leading glass industry manufacturer, which strengthens its own position as the sole supplier able to provide complete turnkey systems for printing on glass.
Thanks to the partnership with Tecglass, Cugher expects to bolster its standing as a general contractor assisting automotive clients as the exclusive partner in the supply of systems.


The two companies are jointly focusing on a sector with abundant potential, where they can deliver highly automated, precise, integrated screen printing and digital decoration lines that ensure the fastest speeds, high print quality, reliable results and high energy standards to optimize production costs and investments.

The strategy sharpens the competitive edge – both companies are technological benchmarks in their respective sectors and, through knowledge sharing, are geared toward the development of innovative solutions, responsive to market needs, that generate substantial added value for the client.

One of the practical objectives is to simplify the management of all print projects – with the utmost efficiency, no glass size or shape limitations, ultra-fast production cycles, safe and easy maintenance and technical support for every part of the system.


Javier Fernandez, co-founder with Manuel Ramos of Tecglass, expressed the company’s big satisfaction with this agreement: “We are delighted with this new partnership. Those who work in the automotive sector need to be able to rely on fast, error-free production, highly flexible and adaptable to last-minute changes. Which is exactly what this new partnership means: the best available technology and the reliability of partners with extensive experience in the industry who are aware of the issues that can arise during production and have a complete, coordinated solution for every need,” he continued.


A sentiment echoed by Barbara Mazza, Managing Director and CFO of Cugher: “For more than 50 years, we have developed integrated systems for the automotive sector, dedicating ourselves daily to finding better solutions to support our clients in all aspects of production. This motivated us to partner with Tecglass, to pair our well-established screen-printing technology with digital printing in order to give our clients a single partner for the construction of industrial systems: from the simplest to the most complex and sophisticated”.