June 2020

TECGLASS and ERDEM DIS TICARET A.S. Dis: a new partnership to continue building the future in digital

TECGLASS and ERDEM DIS TICARET A.S. Dis seal a new partnership deal with a breathtaking project for a Vitro-Jet FS24 digital printing extra-line, which will strengthen the Turkish company’s leadership position in the architectural glass market, making it the only company in Turkey able to supply digitally printed glass in up to 3,210 mm x 8,000 mm size.

A new international agreement for Tecglass once again proves that digital printing on glass is increasingly fundamental in the world of architectural glass, including in Turkey, where Erdem Dis Ticaret AS operates. Part of the Tamcam Oto Cam San AS Group., the company is located in Pendik-Istanbul, well-known for glass processing for architectural use and for its contributions to the most iconic buildings that have transformed the city skyline in recent years. In order to maintain its high production standards to meet the challenges of modern architecture with innovative, state-of-the-art solutions for the most sophisticated projects, Erdem Dis Ticaret A.S has opted to rely on Tecglass digital printing technology.

“The flexibility and business opportunities in terms of the product portfolio we could offer through digital printing technology was fundamental to expanding our architectural business section. After a thorough and detailed analysis of the technologies available in the market, making the decision was a simple process for us. As an international big player and leader in the production of architectural glass we had no doubt that the technology that Tecglass proposed to us at the time of the project’s development was the right one for Erem Dis Ticaret A.S” - confirms Mehmet Ali Ozgul, Plant Manager of Erdem Dis Ticaret AS and person in charge of developing the digital printing project.

“Oversize has been a continuous challenge and increasingly in demand. From the beginning, it was clear to us that, as a leading company in the sector, an over-size line would be a significant differentiating factor in terms of our capabilities to supply digitally printed glass. Tecglass' exclusive patented Side Kinetix technology is an absolutely impressive technological factor and a key aspect for us. It provides the printer with outstanding printing speeds, moving smoothly on the long side of the glass, a unique Tecglass feature which, considering the size of glass we handle - up to 8 meters , streamlines our process, optimizing production times” – points out Mr. Kusculu, General Manager of Erdem Dis Ticaret A.S.

Gustavo Lázara – Tecglass Product Area Manager – along with Esat Suvareriol from Flat Glass International – official Tecglass representative in Turkey – expressed great satisfaction with this new partnership and agreement with Erdem Dis Ticaret A.S , which strengthens the positions of both companies in the glass market.
“We are really satisfied with this new partnership with Erden Dis Ticaret, they are a reference company in the architectural glass industry and I had no doubt that we had the latest generation digital printing technology suitable for them. We are a company that provides complete digital printing solutions to the customer, including the printer and all auxiliary line equipment as well as the manufacture and development of all ranges of ceramic inks, to guarantee optimal machine performance. The project with Erdem includes the extra- size loading and unloading conveyors with tilting function and an external dryer, a complete turnkey solution manufactured in-house by Tecglass. The fact that we are able to provide the complete solution to the customer as a single supplier, was also a key factor in Erdem’s decision to partner with Tecglass. The journey we have undertaken with Erdem Dis Ticaret A.S is full of enthusiasm and optimism for the future" – remarked Gustavo Lázara, Tecglass Product Area Manager.