December 2020

Tecglass develops JETVER HA, a laser-focused ink for the home appliances industry.

Following its innovation path, Tecglass launches a new range of inks developed to offer an extremely precise performance and high durability. The new JETVER HA series has arrived and it is compliant with the most stringent industry safety standards depending on the quality and chemical resistance properties required.

This professional range of inks has been specifically developed for the home appliance industry, using a special formulation to fit its specific requirements, such as the firing process used when manufacturing home appliances.

Among the other inks of the JETVER family, the HA range excels due to an improved performance in terms of application, coverage and chemical resistance.
The innovative JETVER HA range opens all possibilities for the main actors in the industry as it has been formulated for enhanced precision of colours in wet application, creating printed glass-ceramic ink patterns, while maintaining sharpness definition for design.

Tecglass celebrates this milestone as the resolution achieved in texts, symbols or logos with JETVER HA inks is something remarkable and even unique in the field of digital printing using ceramic inks.

We are sure this product innovation will set a trend for the main brands of the market and will become a benchmark in digital printing for the most complex projects in the home appliance industry thanks to its improvements and level of precision.