- Research, Development and Manufacturing of Ceramic Inks -

 Manufacturing of integral digital printing systems cannot be understood without the endless range of ceramic inks, which forms a fundamental pillar of the Turn-Key project supplied by the Spanish company, where customer is presented with a digital solution covering all relevant aspects under a single manufacturer: software, machinery and ceramic ink.

  Ink and machine go “hand in hand”, this is indisputable, and only by ensuring the perfect balance between both, customer can be provided with a fully optimised and effective solution, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality and production for the infinite number of applications for digitally printed decorated glass.

 Development and manufacture of ceramic inks at TECGLASS has been a constant since its beginnings, counting to date with a unique R&D and production manufacturing centre exclusively dedicated to this purpose. Let’s go deeply:


Tecglass Jetver Premixed - Production of RAL, Pantone, NCS or any other customized premix colour.

 Tecglass’ customers may choose the exact shade of colour desired. The whole range of RAL, Pantone, NCS colour books and many other already-formulated colours are always available, as well as unique and exclusive inks like gold, platinum, magenta, subtle shadings, transparent, etch and sandblasted effects …  

 TECGLASS labs develop new special colours, upon request, for the most sophisticated and imaginative projects. And, as always with Tecglass, the results are sure to meet or exceed customer’s expectations.