Tecglass Vitro Quotation

Tecglass launches VITRO QUOTATION, the revolution in budgeting! This exclusive tool allows a comprehensive cost study that provides our customers with advantages to develop winning projects, without losing sight of profitability.

Vitro quotation gadget will provide a faultless energy calculation of how the ink impact into the glass or an ink average consumption based on the design which will make it possible to offer material costs in-depth manner.

Precise printing times according to order to calculate delivery times, everything is possible with this device that leaves nothing to chance. A module to dispense accurate information to the client during the offer phase.


VITRO QUOTATION is mainly the joint upgrade result of 2 applications that have been present in Tecglass software machines for many years:

  • VITRO TRANSMISSION: Quick and easy tool to calculate the energy efficiency of printed glass. The requirements of architects and transformers are for Tecglass an obligation, that's why the tool aimed at obtaining the data of the energy performance of the printed glass is born. The designer will be able to calculate the percentage of light transmission for any type of design or application, with the impact this has on the designed building.
  • VITRO COST: An accurate tool that allows to calculate the impression cost to present the customer the most competitive offer.