February 2021

The New Transparent Collection: Style, Privacy & Design.

For privacy, pure minimalist style and the best use of natural light inside buildings, the new Transparent Collection of creative patterns has been released by TECGLASS to offer an entire range of special graphic options for interior glass decoration.

Benefits of the new Transparent Collection open-up a new range of possibilities with digital printing applications. Transparent textures, impressed onto the glass developed by Tecglass graphic designers, allowing the maximum illumination through the transparency of glass, achieving at the same time a comfortable privacy level. Every room may be customized with patterns and contemporary effects.

All new graphic patters of Tecglass Transparent Collection are now available at our online Vitro Design Catalog, where the selected pattern can be previsualized in different domestic settings.
This tool makes it extremely easy to choose a graphic motif and a special background to understand how decorative patterned glass can embellish any application.
Explore the new Transparent Collection, an array of innovative solutions developed by Tecglass to elevate your design projects.
Glass decoration gains new graphic heights with this latest collection of patterns.