March 2021

Vitro Mix

We are delighted to introduce you our VITRO MIX, a compact and all-in-one solution conceived to produce any premix colour at your factory LAB.


Always focused on providing our customers the best solutions for the digital printing industry, VITRO MIX makes easier than ever the fabrication of premixed colour, shorting the delivery time for your customized projects.


Nowadays, production of RAL, Pantone, NCS or any other customized color is a key aspect in the industry, so VITRO MIX has been designed to facilitate the manufacturing of these inks.


VITRO MIX SOFTWARE is included in the scope of supply, providing you the color formulation and enabling all information stored in your computer ready to use with our range of inks (jetver base and jetver ultra).


VITRO MIX is an industrial, integral and flexible workstation that takes up a limited area for mounting.


VITRO MIX is available now, kindly contact our commercial team for further information: