March 21, 2018

Vitro Scan. Perfect print results, to the millimeter.

As of today, the utmost precision in printing is easier than ever to achieve.


Every print project can now offer near flawless millimetric precision with the new Vitro Scan tool, designed and developed by the Spanish leader in digital printing on glass.


An actual glass sheet scanner, Vitro Scan is positioned on the machine, ahead of the printing arm. It quickly and automatically scans the glass panel to detect the shape, positioning, thickness and dimensions of the glass (valuable information that is acquired before the printing process is initiated) to then produce a job that is perfect to the millimeter.
It is particularly handy for irregularly-shaped glass sheets, because it significantly reduces the possibility of error in setting up the print operation. Vitro Scan is equally useful for more regularly-shaped glass because it can automatically compensate for production tolerances, making ink application even more efficient and precise, while enhancing the quality of the end result.


Tecglass gives its machines an even more high-performance edge by optimizing production, eliminating needless waste and/or errors, and delivering more reliable results, not to mention simplifying the operator’s job.
The new scanner can be installed as an optional on all machine models.