May 2020

Vitro-Tecture Collection. The excellence of graphics for architecture and design.

A special new collection of graphic patterns based on geometric shapes, developed by Tecglass designers to augment the aesthetic performance of glass as an architectural element, is now available to all clients of the Spanish leader in digital printing on glass. Developed to take advantage of combinations of organic and geometric shapes and special color variations, it is an exclusive collection designed to deliver balance, create aesthetic allure or become a practical way to send a message.

In addition to providing privacy and limiting solar radiation, thanks to optimal calculation of the energetic efficiency of buildings, the Vitro-Tecture Collection of graphic patterns also breaks up the monotony of the building, lending depth to the surfaces used, creating the illusion of a continuous horizon. Printed on glass, the pattern gains prestige. It becomes a means to build consistency with the surrounding setting, opening the door to inspired creativity.

With this collection, the world of architecture gains an edge in playing with spaces and proportions by taking advantage of the visual effects of many different graphic motifs. Whether you are eager to use a geometric pattern to make a bold visual statement or prefer a more restrained narrative, you will find the colors and the designs most suited to your style and your building project. Access to the collection is available to all users of the Vitro Design Catalog on the Tecglass website by logging in to the customer area. It is viewable as a style type.