CAMYAPI was established at the end of 1999 in Istanbul to produce architectural glass in an 800 m2 closed area with 12 employees. Following its establishment, it made regular investments by following the innovations in the glass industry. With the investment made in Dilovası Factory in 2012, it was the first facility in Turkey that can process Jumbo size glass, and has also become one of the best glass processing facilities in Europe. As a company that has a turnover of 40 million USD with approximately 350 employees as of today, it continues its production in its factory with a closed area of 27.000 m2 in Dilovası Industrial Zone, and in its new factory in İzmir Bergama Industrial Zone, of which the 1st stage of 25.000 m2 closed area has already been completed.

  The construction of the 2nd Stage of the Izmir Bergama investment (which will be consisting of 4 stages in total) has already been started. When all the stages are completed, it will be one of the largest glass processing facilities in the world with a total closed area of 100.000 m2.  In this context, CAMYAPI continues to aim to be the leading company in its field in cooperation with the world's leading glass producers.