A game-changing partnership

Digital glass printing by Fenzi Group

Tecglass and the Fenzi Group: mutual understanding and shared goals bring you the most advanced technologies and the strategic vision of true market leaders. Two businesses combined, driven not only by a strong propensity for innovation and the quest for quality, but also by a complete and unique specialization in the world of the most fascinating material: glass.

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Our range of digital printers

A complete range of ideas and solutions

Vitro Design Visualizer

Be inspired by our Vitro Designs Catalog and Design Virtual Tour. Create and present your own design project.
High Flowrate Recirculation System.
No need to Clean the heads.

Benefits only a Tecglass machine can provide

Digital Printing vs Screen Printing:
  • Direct return on investment

  • Complete cost control

  • Reproduce any graphic project at the highest speeds possible, in the most varied sizes, in real time

  • Color variety

  • Zero set up time: Avoid screen storage and cleaning process

  • Zero Waste

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