Vitro Jet F type F K Series

The best multifunctional machine for Single Pass and Multi Pass printing.

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Ideal printer for sectors:

  • Upgradable printheads configuration

  • All movements are completely automated: exact glass positioning for any kind of shape thanks to the Vitro Scan
    Vitro Scan Tool: quickly and automatically scans the glass panel to detect the shape, positioning, thickness and dimensions of the glass to produce a perfect job.

  • Perfectly combines fastest Single Pass and Multi Pass print speeds with the highest printing quality on large-sized sheets of glass

  • Double Conveyor system to optimize the line printing cycle

  • Combine single and Multipass

Printing speed

  • Single Pass 20 seconds 4.500 x 1.200 mm glass size
  • Multi Pass – One color 90 seconds 4.500 x 2.500 mm glass size
  • Multicolor up to 90 sqm/hour 720 dpi Stone or Wood imitations
  • Multicolor up to 60 sqm/hour 1440 dpi photorealistic images

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