Vitro Jet MultiFlex

Vitro Jet MultiFlex

The innovative Tecglass printer for digital printing on architectural glass and frameless windows.

Engineered to be a 'game changer', this new digital printer is designed to allow architecture professionals to take the leap into digital.

Simplify your architectural glass projects with the new Vitro-Jet MultiFlex, a unique solution to your biggest challenges.

  • Unique, compact, flexible, multi-purpose machine, it is designed as the digital alternative to screen printing, delivering fast, accurate printing of all kinds of patterns, lines, dots, logos and frames on architectural glass in single-pass and multi-pass modes.
  • Exclusive Fast Frame Printing Tool, ideal for IG units for frameless windows, solar panels, automotive glass and TV screens. The perfect solution for high speed frame-printing jobs in a single pass.
  • Integrated high-tech "Side Kinetix" always prints on the long side of the glass, optimizing print cycle time.
  • High flow rate ink recirculation system: no ink residue on the heads, no need for cleaning.
  • Print resolution: up to 2880 dpi.
  • VDS Technology: 9 levels of ink drop sizes for maximum speed and precision in every print application.
  • The perfect combination for Single Pass and Multi Pass print jobs.
  • Print any graphic patterns, lines, dots and logos, in up to two different colors with the highest quality in multi-pass. The Fast Frame Printing Tool adds the ability to print a huge variety of graphic patterns, lines, dots and logos, also in a single pass.
  • Highest opacity, uniformity and precise ink application in the border area guaranteed in a single pass.
  • User-friendly interface with 2 colors always available on the machine, with fast and easy color changes.
  • Easy edge printing in multi-pass on irregular shapes.
  • All movements are completely automated: exact glass positioning.
  • Different sizes available, any glass dimensions, up to the maximum jumbo size.


  • Architectural glass
  • Frameless windows and slide doors
  • Frameless architecture
  • Interior design
  • 16 35

    Max Glass Size

    1.600 x 3.500 mm

  • 22 40

    Max Glass Size

    2.200 x 4.000 mm

  • 25 45

    Max Glass Size

    2.500 x 4.500 mm

  • 28 45

    Max Glass Size

    2.800 x 4.500 mm

  • 28 60

    Max Glass Size

    2.800 x 6.000 mm

  • 33 60

    Max Glass Size

    3.300 x 6.000 mm

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Printing speed

  • Glass perimeter in Single Pass 2.000 x 2.000 mm glass size 62 seconds
  • Glass perimeter in Single Pass 2.000 x 1.000 mm glass size 48 seconds
  • Glass perimeter in Single Pass 3.000 x 1.000 mm glass size 62 seconds

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