D Type

Vitro Jet D Type

All print solutions in a stand - alone model.

Amazing accuracy for amazing results.

  • Extremely simplified manual positioning, loading and unloading of glass sheets.
  • Instantaneous glass printing and drying up to 12 sq. meters/hour; job is immediately ready for tempering.
  • High flow rate ink recirculation system: no ink residue on the heads, no need for cleaning.
  • SDT Simultaneous Drying Technology for automatic, simultaneous printing and drying.
  • Print resolution: up to 2880 dpi
  • VDS Technology: 9 levels of ink drop sizes for maximum speed and precision in every print application.
  • Vitro-Palette. Thousands of color formulations are ready to use. Choose from RAL, Pantone, NCS and many other Color-book formulations.
  • Vitro-Catalog. A catalog of ideas, images and graphic designs always available on our website.


Ultra-high precision printing and utmost quality in a single machine, perfect for printing all types of graphic patterns or photographic images for the following sectors:

  • Architecture
  • Interior decor
  • Home appliance

Aviable variables

  • 25 16

    Max Glass Size

    1.600 x 2.500 mm

  • 33 16

    Max Glass Size

    1.600 x 3.300 mm

  • 33 22

    Max Glass Size

    3.300 x 2.200 mm

Printing speed - Multicolor printing

  • Maximum yield, thanks to the SDT system, that can reach print speeds of 12 m2/h for all graphic processes and at different resolutions.

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