Single Pass Evolution

Vitro Jet F Type Single Pass Evolution

The most innovative, fast and accurate tool for non - stop cycle production.

From the inventors of the first Single Pass model for printing on glass with ceramic inks, discover the huge range of industry innovations developed in house

  • Greater productivity
  • Perfect print results
  • Reduced production costs and times


Product features:

  • Flawless automation of the non-stop, continuous cycle print process on glass sizes up to 3.300 mm (300 mm separation between two contiguous sheets of glass).
  • Print speed / non-stop printing: 12 meters in 60 seconds, more than 720 meters per hour.
  • The Vitro Scan tool comes standard to ensure perfect print results. It automatically reads and records the dimensions and position of the glass prior to printing - thus reducing the possibility of error - allows for more reliable results, makes the operator’s job easier and optimizes production speed. Especially valuable when working with irregularly-shaped sheets of glass.
  • Operating system capable of automatically re-sizing the file to be printed, based on the data gathered by the Vitro Scan Tool.
  • Up to 10 color channels.
  • Up to 50 print heads / 100,000 nozzles in each printing bar
  • Up to 2880 dpi, the highest resolution commercially available
  • High flow rate ink recirculation system: eliminates the need to clean the print heads, no ink is wasted, reduces solvent consumption.
  • Absolute automation of the production process while reducing production times.
  • VDS technology: 9 levels of ink drop sizes, a unique technology for the greatest output and highest definition.



  • Automotive
  • Home appliances
  • Architecture

Discover our new Single Pass Evolution.
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Printing speed

  • 12 meters in 60 seconds
    non-stop continuous cycle
    for glass sheets of any width

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