F Type F C Series

F Type F C Series

The perfect solution to have the highest quality at the highest speed.

Ultra-high technology and drastically shortened production times for innovative print jobs

  • All movements driven by high precision magnetic linear technology: the highest precision with no mechanical wear.
  • Automatic glass positioning.
  • Very easy and precise positioning of irregular shapes. Optional fully-automatic positioning of irregular glass sheets.
  • Two independent belt stations integrated into the printing table increase productivity and reduce cycle time.
  • The exclusive Fast Frame Printing Tool, ideal for IG units for frameless windows, solar panels, automotive glass and TV screens.
  • High flow rate ink recirculation system: no ink residue on the heads, no need for cleaning.
  • SDT Simultaneous Drying Technology for automatic, simultaneous printing and drying.
  • Print resolution: up to 2880 dpi
  • VDS Technology: 9 levels of ink drop sizes for maximum speed and precision in every print application
  • Vitro-Palette. Thousands of color formulations are ready to use. Choose from RAL, Pantone, NCS and many other Color-book formulations.
  • Vitro-Catalog. A catalog of ideas, images and graphic designs always available on our website.


Utmost precision and speed for printing lines, dots, monochromatic and multicolor graphic patterns and high definition photographic images on glass sheets of all sizes and shapes for the following sectors:

  • Architecture
  • Interior decor
  • Home appliance
  • Automotive
  • 35 16

    Max Glass Size

    1.600 x 3.500 mm

  • 40 22

    Max Glass Size

    2.200 x 4.000 mm

  • 45 25

    Max Glass Size

    2.500 x 4.500 mm

  • 45 28

    Max Glass Size

    2.800 x 4.500 mm

  • 60 28

    Max Glass Size

    2.800 x 6.000 mm

  • 60 33

    Max Glass Size

    3.300 x 6.000 mm

  • 90 33

    Max Glass Size

    3.300 x 9.000 mm

  • 120 33

    Max Glass Size

    3.300 x 12.000 mm

  • 150 33

    Max Glass Size

    3.300 x 15.000 mm

  • 180 33

    Max Glass Size

    3.300 x 18.000 mm

Printing speed - Multicolor printing

  • Single pass printing at 360 dpi up to 300 sqm/hour.
  • Double pass printing at 720 dpi up to 230 sqm/hour.
  • 4 pass printing at 1080 dpi up to 120 sqm/hour.
  • 6 pass printing at 1440 dpi up to 605 sqm/hour.

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