The alternative to the analog screen printing

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Ideal printer for sectors:

  • Print any graphic patterns, lines, dots and logos, in up to two different colors with the highest quality in single or multi-pass.
    User-friendly interface with 2 colors always available on the machine, with fast and easy color changes

  • Fast color change

  • Upgradable printheads configuration

  • All movements are completely automated: exact glass positioning for any kind of shape.
    Very easy and precise positioning of irregular shapes.

  • Integrated high-tech Side Kinetix tool always print on the long side of the glass, optimizing print cycle time.

Printing speed

  • Single Pass: 800mm x 1200mm: 8 seconds
  • Double Pass: 1000mm x 1000mm: 24 seconds
  • Double Pass: 1600mm x 3500mm: 66 seconds

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